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This map shows every Detroit property that reached the Wayne County tax foreclosure auction from 2002 - 2016. In a city of 384,840 properties, there have been 143,958 tax foreclosures at auction over the last 15 years, with the vast majority since 2008.*

The data was assembled from an archive of foreclosure auction properties 2002 - 2013 hosted on Data Driven Detroit's data portal, and from Loveland's auction tracking data from 2014 - 2016.

This map does not show the 8,000 additional tax foreclosures going to the auction this September, including 4,000 occupied homes. You can see that map on the Loveland site here: http://detroit.makeloveland.com.

Here is a link to the tax foreclosure data sets for 2002 - 2013 from the Data Driven Detroit data portal: http://portal.datadrivendetroit.org/datasets/9438afd734d348a694c42a28c4103731_0

*Note: If you find a property on this map that was not sold at the auction, it is likely that it was indeed tax foreclosed, went to the auction, and was withdrawn at the last minute before bidding began (typically because the owner made an emergency payment). The D3 dataset includes all tax foreclosures listed as being in the auction from 2002 - 2013. The Loveland datasets from 2014 - 2016 remove a small percentage of properties that were withdrawn from the auction at the last minute, as that data comes from tracking the auction directly.

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